• Why Joe Budd supports Israel
    1. The US-Israel relationship is a moral imperative. It is incumbent upon democratic nations to defend each other where democracy itself is under attack.
    2. The US-Israel relationship is a proven, vital strategic asset to the United States’ broader interests in the Middle East. Israel counters the ascendancy of radical movements and actors in the Middle East.
    3. It’s one of Joe’s core values according to Genesis 12:1-3
  • Israel’s security needs and its right to self defense
    1. Joe recognizes Israel’s unique security needs. He will work to ensure that these security interests are not pressured or compromised. Like any other nation, Israel has a right to defend its citizens and sovereignty.
  • Israel’s sovereignty and self-determination
    1. Joe believes that Israel’s sovereignty and right to self-determination must be respected. Like the United States, Israel has a duly elected government that serves the will of its citizens. It is wrong to pressure Israel’s government, especially to take steps that harm its sovereignty and security.
  • Jerusalem
    1. Joe recognizes the historical, cultural, legal and religious importance of Jerusalem to the Jewish People and Israel. He believes that having a united Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is vital to her character as a Jewish state.
    2. Joe applauds President Trump for keeping his promise to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.
  • The Iranian Nuclear Threat: A shared interest
    1. Joe recognizes that the Iranian nuclear program poses one of the greatest threats to world peace and stability.
    2. The threats of the Iranian government should be taken seriously.
    3. Iran’s threats extend to both the US and Israel jointly.
    4. Iran cannot be permitted to go nuclear.
  • Joe will stand up for Israel
    1. Supporting Iran sanctions and divestment
    2. Supporting all forms of strategic aid to Israel
    3. Countering efforts to cynically manipulate International Law and the United Nations in order to delegitimize and demonize Israel
    4. Countering academic and unlawful economic boycotts of Israel
    5. Protecting the civil rights of pro-Israel advocates on college campuses
    6. Promoting a positive image of Israel through economic, cultural, technological and academic exchange.

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