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  • Charter School
  • Magnet School
  • Private School
  • Online School
  • Homeschool

So many choices!

I believe the path to education is the parents’ choice and I will work to keep it that way. Click here for a Florida School Choice Guide .

According to the FPEA, “There is no right way to educate.” Every child is different and nobody loves a child more than his or her own parent.

Now, more than ever, schools are not educating but indoctrinating. Recently, Gov. DeSantis signed a bill (HB 1557) prohibiting schools from teaching inappropriate material to our younger students. Most of the time this was happening without parental knowledge or consent. No more.

I’m committed to protecting our kids: Securing schools and upholding freedom for parents to choose the appropriate pathway to education for their families.

I stand with The Heritage Foundation and Moms for Liberty when they say, “The right of a parent to direct the upbringing of their child is not a partisan issue.”

It’s a freedom issue. This is one of my priorities. Faith, Family, Freedom.

Put AMERICA First!


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