As a 7-yr. old boy I can remember standing at the top of the steps watching my dad leave for work dressed in his full riot gear. I can remember the fear I felt wondering if I would ever see him again. Those fears are a daily struggle for the loved ones of anyone who puts on a uniform. I’ve often said, “Society cannot pay enough for what is earned by an honest police officer”.

Liberal cities which have gone down the road of wokeness by defunding police, and instituting criminal justice reforms quickly releasing violent criminals back on the streets are reaping the chaos of a substantial rise in crime.

Law and order also includes securing our borders. Without secure borders, we have no country. We all lock our doors at night. There’s a reason for this. It’s not that we hate anyone who may come to our door. Rather, it’s because we love those inside our home! This is a national security issue we must address.

I will always have the backs of the men and women who wear a uniform. It’s one of my priorities. It’s personal.

Put AMERICA First!


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