Runaway inflation is devastating and hurts those who can least afford it the most. The rise in prices under the Biden Administration are a direct result of the absence of any good business sense and punitive measures against corporate America.

Take Baby Formula as one example. Prices are up 13% in one year and the Biden Administration shut down one of the manufacturing plants despite being told by the business leaders that the decision would lead to a shortage. What were they thinking? How incompetent and uncaring can you be to cause a baby formula shortage?

Even FAKE NEWS CNN can’t hide the truth…

“April 12, 2022, New York (CNN Business) America’s inflation problem didn’t abate in March. Prices kept creeping up, hitting a fresh 40-year high, data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed Tuesday.”

Between inflation and food shortages, we cannot afford to leave the Democrats in charge. Getting inflation under control will be one of my top priorities.

Put AMERICA First!


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