Joe Budd supports a “Constructionist” viewpoint when it comes to interpreting the U.S. Constitution and will work to protect your rights.

Our Founding Fathers worked together under extreme pressure, overcoming division, to put together the greatest document any nation has ever formed. It has led us well these 234 years.

Red flag laws should be limited to those who have “red flags”. Locally, Nikolas Cruz had “red flags” and in no way should have been able to purchase a weapon. We can look to blame or make excuses to avoid responsibility, but one thing is NOT up for debate, school safety. Each school needs a single entry point with armed guards.

This nation spends massive amounts of money on foreign causes yet leaves vulnerable our own children and grandchildren. The United States must make school safety its highest priority before another unspeakable tragedy occurs. It’s unfathomable the Democrat Senate Majority leader, Chuck Schumer (link to article), recently blocked a bill which provides for school safety. There is nothing more important than securing our schools.

Put AMERICA First!


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