Affordable housing has become an area of crisis, especially amongst those who rent. Democrats have largely ignored this crisis. They’re too busy fighting for the rights of drag queens to groom our children or implementing policies which are causing runaway inflation, substantially raising food and gas prices, too. Nancy Pelosi recently appeared on national tv and said to a room full of drag performers, “Your freedom of expression in drag is what America is all about.” People struggling to pay their rent might disagree with Nancy. Most of the LGBTQ+ community is opposed to the nonsense of the sexualization of our children.

The democrats have gone completely mad and are being very irresponsible and absent when it comes to addressing everyday kitchen table items like affordable housing. In Florida, Republicans have taken action to help. Affordable housing funds, authorized and approved by Republicans, have been increased from $209 million last year to $350 million this year. That’s a 67% increase in HELP! Republicans have and will continue to address this issue on a national basis as soon as we can regain majority control. It’s a priority, that’s a promise.